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KWPN PREDICATES and level equivalencies


Given to weanling, yearling and two years old where conformation and movement exceed the standard of the breed.


An evaluation of mares, geldings and stallions for conformation and functionality combined with movement for dressage types and free jumping for jumper or hunter types. This predicate is awarded at studbook inspection to stallions, mares and geldings that have earned a first premium. Minimum height for star is 160cm.




A predicate for star mares that are keur eligible, having conformation higher than for star. They have to excel in movement and conformation at the Keuring, and complete a performance test with sufficient marks to be presented in the sport.

Model is the former KWPN ( NWP)  designation equivalent to ‘keur’.


Approved stallions can be awarded the keur status if they have offspring of at least 7 years of age that excel in both sport and keuring.


A predicate for KWPN horses that successfully complete the riding test. Combined with keur eligibility, this predicate would count toward keur.



Awarded to mares that passed the same rigorous veterinary examination as KWPN approved stallions.




A predicate awarded to keur mares that have also completed the PROK requirements.




Awarded to KWPN mares on the basis of the studbook inspection of three offspring. The mare’s offspring must have earned a star predicate. This predicate may also be awarded posthumously. Each of the offspring must be:

  • Mare – star, keur or elite
  • Gelding – star quality
  • Stallion – star, 2nd or 3rd round, selected for performance test, or approved by the KWPN or Erkend studbook.



Stallions are awarded this predicate when they have offspring of at least 11 years of age, that excel in both sport and at keuring.



A predicate awarded to KWPN mares that have three offspring earning five points as described below. The predicate may also be awarded posthumously. Performance must be in the breeding direction of the registered offspring.

  • IBOP – 1995–2006: 45 points for jumping
    45 points for dressage, basic gaits minimum of 7
    85 points overall, basic gaits minimum of 6
    2007 and later: 90 points

  • Sport – Minimum of 1 point at Z level dressage* (L2T4 or higher)
    Minimum of 5 points at M level jumping or eventing (jumps to
1.20m or 4')
    Minimum of 5 points at Second Year Green Hunter (jumps to 3'9")

   • Performance test – A son that has totally completed the 1996
     or later 70-Day test in Holland or the 21-Day  test in North
     America (approval is not necessary).


A predicate awarded on the basis of their own performance in sport.

  • 1 point at minimum Z2 dressage* (L3T1) or 5 points at Z eventing dressage (Prelim).
  • 6 points at minimum Z level jumping (jumps to 1.30m or 4'3"), 5 points at Z level eventing jumping (Prelim) or 5 points at Regular Working Hunter (jumps 4' to 4'6").



A KWPN-NA performance predicate awarded to stallions, mares and geldings competing at FEI levels. To be considered, horses must be within the 200 top-ranked dressage horses or 400 top-ranked jumping horses in the WBFSH/FEI rankings.




70% or more = 3 winning points
65% to 70% = 2 winning points
60 to 65% = 1 winning point
50 to 60% = no change
45 to 50% = 1 losing point

Clear round = 2 winning points
One rail down (4 faults) = 1 winning point
Four rails down (16 faults) = 1 losing point
Elimination = 2 losing points

Completing cross country without faults and within time limit = 2 points;
Completing cross country with not more than 10 penalty points at M level or 20 penalty points at Z level = 1 point
Elimination from cross country = 2 losing points

Abbreviations and conversion



ZZ Heavy: Prix St-Georges  8 years old and older

ZZ light:   4 th Level  7 years old

Z:     3rd Level          6 years old

M:    2nd Level          5 years old

L:     1st Level           4 years old

B:     Training


ISP:   Grand Prix; jumps 1.5 m (4'11) to 1.6 m (5' 3 '')  8 years old and older

ZZ:    National Level 7; jumps 1.35 /1.40 (4'6'')    7 years old

Z =    Level 6; jumps 1.30m  (4' 3'' )       6 years old

M=    Level 5; jumps 1.20m (4' )             5 years old

L=     Level 3; jumps to  1.10m  (3' 6'')    4 years old

B=     Level 2; jumps 1.0 m  (3' 3'')