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WOW! !  How could I better describe this breathtaking filly.  She came to us as a gift of life.  Her dam had a very difficult time after she was born and right from the start she wanted to show the world how big her personality was and that she could take care of herself! Wagrusa had no milk, a fever that hit the 106 degree.  But this little girl took everything in her own hands.  As we were struggling to save her mom she stood there, playing her part and doing what I thought no foal of this age could possibly do.  I worried for her but she knew better than us as she persistently worked on getting every single little drop of milk her mom could produce.  It could have been pathetic if it was not the fact that she was thriving.   One would think that she would have become exhausted from her constant attempt to nurse with almost no rest. She was focusing entirely on her duty 55 minutes out of the hour, only to sleep for 5 minutes, often without even laying down, before getting back to her task again and again. There was no way for us to convince her to take some milk's substitute.  We finally understood that she knew better than us and we had to stop fighting with her and let her do it her own way.   What a power house!  The first pictures is showing her at 6 days, full of life, playful and energetic. How could any foal survive this ordeal I don’t know but she did it in a grand way. It took a week before her dam came back to herself and she is now well and healthy. We are so proud of both of them.  We had to find her a name that would suit her big personality and there was no doubt about it, it had to be Firecracker Bloom, (without the c for the KWPN-NA rule of 16 spaces only!)

Firecraker is showing not only the attitude of a winner but the bloodline to back it up.  Her sire Hickstead doesn’t need any introduction.  He is the number one in the jumper ranking of the prestigious WBFSH, has won too many  Grand Prix to count and was the jumper  Individual Gold Medal and Team Silver Medal at the 2008 Olympic in Bejing.  He is known as the small horse with the big heart… and Firecraker might not have inherited his size but no doubt about her big heart that she could'nt wait for us to discover.  She is far and beyond my expectation. She is beautiful, with a powerful hind end and a muscular body.   


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