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Feather Bloom is by the great and famous grand prix jumper Mr Blue Preferent  out of Prelude Keur Sport EPTM by Calvados Keur . Born in 2010 she stands 16.1 hands .

Feather was imported in utero from Holland and  is one of our most treasure mare being the daughter of Prelude Keur Sport Prestatie.  She showed great athletic power  and as a foal was Champion of her keuring and Reserve Champion of the entire North American KWPN tour. Her bloodline is packed with the best performance stallions and mares Europe had to offer.

Her first three  offspring presented in the inspection were First Premium and two   KWPN   Reserve Champion jumper foal and both ended up to be Champion and Reserve Champion horse as a 3 years old in the GES Cup for free jumping.  They were both Star and Keur eligible and KWPN Champion and Reserve Champion mare in North America.The oldest missed her keuring but we expect her to have her Ster and Keur eligible in 2020.  She knows how to get the best out of her.


Mr BLUE had an outstanding career in Grand Prix around the globe.  In 2006, five years after his death, he was awarded the Preferent Predicate awarded only to the most influencial and outstanding stallions. Mr Blue has strong influences in the show jumping sport. He has produced 38 approved stallions such as Zirocco Blue and  Plot Blue, winner of the 2010 World Cup Finals. Mr Blue is a highly influential stallion who is best known for passing along good temperaments, blood and strong bone structure to his offspring.


PRELUDE is by the Keur Grand Prix Jumper stallion Calvados.  Prelude and her full sister Harmonie was an important part of  the very successful breeding program of Marten Liefhebber in Holland.  He  was KWPN breeder of the year and the damline  Fisiada-Wisiada  which he helped developed  was awarded 2012 Mare Line of the Year in Holland.   After foaling her first filly she successfully  did her EPTM test with high score, got her Keur Predicate  and was sent to sport to get her Sport predicate up to 1m35 at the National level and was back to the breeding shed where she had several foals.  In 2010 we  had the opportunity under extraordinary circumstances to buy and imported Prelude  in foal to Mr Blue as my foundation mare.  In Holland her breeding index was very high and the highest ever imported in North America.  In the top 10 of the thousands mares that has a breeding value, there was 4 out of this mareline, just to show the high quality of the mareline.   






2014 filly by Quality Time 

First Premium 
Site Champion jumper foal

Top Ten jumper foal


KWPN-NA  STER and KEUR eligible 

2015 filly by Quality Time

First Premium

Site Champion jumper foal

KWPN Reserve Champion jumper foal in North America

KWPN Reserve Champion jumper mare in North America

Champion  free jumping 3 years old  GES Cup in North America


KWPN-NA STER and KEUR eligible 

2016 filly  by Corland Keur

First Premium

SIte Champion jumper foal

KWPN Reserve Champion jumper foal in North America

KWPN Champion jumper mare in North America

Reserve Champion free jumping 3 years old GES Cup in North America



2017 gelding by Corland Keurl


KWPN-NA  by Le Diamant Bloom 

2020 stallion