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Jefferson Bloom by Capone I   is from  the top KWPN  mareline of the year in Holland.  His dam  Flower is the last filly of Grand Prix jumper Harmonie  out of Nabab de rêve. Harmonie has been leading the KWPN mare breeding value for the past 11 years.   Jefferson is a  long line, well developed colt  First Premium at his keuring.  He should mesure around 16.3 hands. Buying a prospect  at such a young age  is a leap of faith but  information from the family where this  weanling is coming from will help you evaluate the quality of our program with the one you can see in Europe.

The goal is to produce jumpers who have the genetic to compete at the higher level in sport. With the intention of breeding high quality horses for that level in sport, you can't rely only on big name stallions,  the acquisition of special breeding mares is a must. 

My broodmares band encompassed the highest quality that  Holland can provide. There is no KWPN stallion available in North America that had a higher breeding value than my mare Prelude (Calvados/ Voltaire/ Le Mexico) and very few in Holland for that matter. When imported in 2010  Prelude  had a breeding value of 161 with 57% reliability.

For the one not familiar with the breeding values it's a way to translate an opinion to numbers.  The higher the breeding values, the better chances to produce  performance horses,  but the reliability is key. 

For a mare reliability of 50% is high as they only have so many foals compare to a stallion which can attain 95% reliability with hundred of offspring.  The horses population score between 80 and 120.  Higher is above average and over 140 is considered superior. In 2013 the best KWPN jumper sire was Heartbreaker with 181 followed by Hors la Loi II with 156. Only 17 stallions with high reliability are over 140 including MR Blue and Calvados.

When a foal is born his breeding value average the sire and dam with low reliability.  As he grows older, his own performance at the EPTM (3 weeks test in Holland) and later on as a show jumper is taken in account.  But the real test is when their offspring are going into sport. At this point and as their offspring get older you may consider the breeding value based more on facts than opinion.

Prelude families is strong. It was the jumper mareline of the year in Holland: the WISIDIA_FISIADA mare line. Here is a google translation article from the dutch on this mare line:

The most important broodmare right now in Holland  is HARMONIE.  HARMONIE is the dam of our 4 years old mare FLOWER  and the full sister of PRELUDE.  Harmonie  has been  leading the breeding jumping value in Holland for the past 11 years. In 2013 the list of the top 300 mares you could also find in 7th position Unisound  the first filly of Prelude,  Prelude herself,   daughters of Harmonie, Manet and Wildcard and Electra the dam of Prelude and Harmonie.    This is the only family with 5 mares  listed in this prestigious ranking.

 Prelude purpose was to be a broodmare but she had to prove herself in  sport.   As a 3 years old while in foal of  UNISOUND she passed her  EPTM  test with success  to obtain her  Keur  ( highest predicate for conformation and jumping ability).   After weaning  she went on  to jump at National level were she earned her SPORT predicate (at leat three clear round in competition at 1.35m)  before coming  back  to her breeding career in 2005 at the age of 8.  She had  Cabaret  who herself had   two foals and now at 8 is competing in the 1m35. Prelude had   3 foals the following year, one she carried herself and two by ET.   Her Numero Uno died at a young age but  Domino by QDR  now 6 years old  is competing  at  1 m 20. Then she had another colt by Patent  before I bought  her in foal to Mr Blue in 2009.

 Back home she foaled our  filly Feather Bloom  that I kept as a broodmare.  This one   gave me her first filly this spring   by Quality Time (Quantum/ cantus), a beautiful one . This filly  just came back from her  foal keuring where she was  First Premium and so far she has a stand to be in the top five .  There are still 30 jumpers weanling to go so we don?t know  yet but her scoring was high enough  for this possibility .  Foal keuring is interesting and always a learning experience where you have a chance to compare your foals with  the others.  First Premium foals doesn?t guarantee  success in sport but at least it?s an assessment on the quality of the conformation and movement of a jumper foal

As you can see this mareline is a performance and predicate line.   The  dam of Prelude Electra by Voltaire  was also jumping the 1m35 with  a goodl breeding career.  She was preferent ( at least 3 offspring Star of Keur), Prestatie (at least 3 offspring with 3 clear round competition level  1m35 or more)  and  Sport.  She jumped at national level just like Prelude. 

After having  Harmonie and Prelude, Electra 3rd foal Sex Appeal was an Approved stallion  with A.E.S and Z   and  compete at  International  level.

Next one ' After Cover'    by Colino was another approved A.E.S stallion and he jumped  at National Level .

 Wijffie by Colino succeed her EPTM and went Elite.  Elite is a keur mare who passed the same radiography required for the stallion.  It shows that she has good bone exempt of OCD.  She has 5 foals and is now competing at 1m20.

Electra had another colt with Calvados and  a mare Best Off by Colino who  succeed  her EPTM and is Elite.
Chippendale by Diamant de Semilly at 7 years old is competing at 1.30 and her last filly by Diamant de Semilly is a broodmare  right now

And to  go even further  Electra?s dam, Uranda by Le Mexico  was a Ster mare ( Ster is over the stander of the breed)  and she competed  at International level.  Her sibling Nostalgie  by Colino  was Keur and had 5 performance horses  such as the 1m60 jumper  AYETORO  riding by Joe Clayton before he was sold this year to Saer  Coulter in the USA.  Here is a video of him 

 It has been proved that jumping  characteristics   is  one of the highest  inherit ability. This is why a long line of  performance jumpers provide better chance to breed one.  

He is offered for  sale 20K before weaning  and 22K after.


   Harmonie (Calvados/ Voltaire)    Capone I (Contender/ Calypso)    Nabab de rêve (Quidam de Revel)       Electra (Voltaire / Le Mexico)